Included in the price for Best of the West

  • All accommodation at hotels/motels with complimentary breakfast most mornings,varying from cereals, yoghurt, pancakes, toast etc or cooked to order.
  • Hotels are in the better side of town ensuring top security for you and your bike.
  •  Assistance with insurances required on trip.
  • Hire of a late model Motorbike with Unlimited Milage and including Insurance with Nil Excess for damage.
  • Please note. Nil Excess Insurance is not availible at all the pick up locations. With other Tour Companies Insurance can be an extra expensive cost.
  • Assistance shipping your bike from NZ or Australia.
  • Providing crates for shipping from New Zealand.
  • Van to see sights in Los Angeles.
  • Transfers from Hotel to pick up your bike.
  • Western tour has a entry pass for 14 United States National Parks.
  • A tour and buffet at the Fairmont Chateau at Banff, Canada.
  • 100-page tour book.
  • A large travel bag each to carry in van – can take 30 minutes loading up the bike in the morning. Far easier putting a bag each in van, also a lot safer than riding 2 up with a severely overloaded bike.
  • A van to assist on a day to day basis – while handy having a chilly bin stocked with cold drinks on a hot day, it is very reassuring having a van if needed for a medical problem and these can range from pains and sprains to altitude sickness .
  • Experienced guides, with over 30 years experience of the USA
  • A quality cool fabric tour shirt and tour patch …

Approximate costs in New Zealand dollars

The costs below are estimated for 2020, based on previous year’s costings and existing exchange rate.

Airfares not included as Group airfares are very restrictive and booking your own flights gives you the flexibility to choose your inward and outward dates. Also gives you option to use Airpoints.

I can arrange your flights for you at cost price.

Hire a late model Harley Davidson from $10,245.00

Can pick up your late model bike at either Missoula or Sturgis, and drop off at Las Vegas or Los Angeles . Choice of 30 days, 21 days, or 15 days.
From Couple $12945.00 Single sharing $10245.00

COUPLE 1 bike, 1 room from NZ$12945.00
SINGLE 1 bike share room from NZ$10245.00

46 Days

Los Angeles - Sturgis - Los Angeles 46 days (hiring a bike)

COUPLE 1 bike, 1 room NZ$32,995.00
SINGLE share room NZ$24,195.00
All late models. A large range to choose from. If you’re considering coming on tour I suggest a booking made ASAP.
  • Rental period of bikes can be extended for all tours.
  • Conditions re cancellations do apply.
  • Hire bikes can be picked up in Los Angeles, San Francisco,  and Missoula.
  • Remember insurance is included in these rates and option provided to take Liability Insurance.
  • Please note that Nil Excess for Insurance does not apply at all pickup locations.

48 Days

Shipping your bike to Los Angeles from Wellington return. Includes Marine and Riding Insurance

COUPLE 1 bike, 1 room NZ$24,195
SINGLE share room NZ$16,195
$2000.00 deposit secures you a space in container. I provide bases for your bike and optional crates, and a warehouse.

I allow 6 weeks either way for shipping. Good news is in the middle of a New Zealand winter you’re not likely to be on your bike much anyway.

  • Can ship helmets, jackets, boots etc in crate. Saves a lot of hassles carrying on airplane.
  • I suggest check the days riding, sights along the way and finally the cost and rememember costs are in New Zealand dollars and compare to others.
  • Sooner you pay a deposit the better. Limited room in containers and most tours have left several behind.
  • You have option to dripfeed payments when you have your account. Nov 5th, Feb 5th and May 5th


Travel Insurance is necessary to protect yourselves from financial loss due to any unexpected situations beyond your control. I will assist in organising insurances required being Travel, Third Party, Comprehensive and Collision.

There are conditions from insurance companies that may apply.