Motorbike Tour Info

What sort of weather can you expect?

I can make better guess at this than the exchange rate. On previous summer trips may have put the wets on once or twice and generally for a short time. Very likely to encounter fog riding up the US coast and you can get mixed weather in the Rockies. Best to bring similar gear as one would use in NZ winters. In South Dakota, Utah, and Arizona very likely to get spectacular thunder storms most afternoons. Generally short lived and makes sense to sit them out under shelter rather than riding with the chance of getting zapped by a lightning bolt.

Our accommodation

Motels and hotels we stay at have been often on our list for 15 years. Over that period have established a terrific relationship and this is reflected by the good rates we are given as well as excellent service. Most will have a pool, a complimentary breakfast, secure parking , easy stroll to bars and restaurants. Also very importantly not the cheaper motel chains that are generally in the not so nice part of town.

Some tours stay in tents at Sturgis during Rally week. Tried that, not fond of long drops in the Dakota summer heat and tepid showers along with it.

One guarantee they have at Rally Week is “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.” Can be a dust bowl in the morning and a mud slide in the afternoon. Most evenings have a spectacular huge thunder storm followed by rain and strong wind.

Hang onto your tents.

What are the high points?

  • How about riding over The Golden Gate Bridge and eating crab at Fisherman’s Wharf?
  • Riding The Big Sur, the most magnificent coastal ride in the US
  • The many attractions of Los Angeles, San Francisco,and Las Vegas.
  • Ride through many more National Parks including The Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Death Valley, Yosemite, Badlands, Yellowstone, Tetons and Crater Lake
  • Three great nights at Las Vegas
  • The route we ride it is difficult to pick high points. Every day is amazing with scenery and sights not seen outside of the USA.
  • All routes are designed to avoid congested fast moving traffic on Freeways.
The National Parks are wonderful examples of foresight by very astute early pioneers and politicians who persuaded others that these areas of beauty should be kept for later generations.
Visit many historical towns well known for the part they played in developing the West, towns such as Virginia City, Durango, Cody, Leadville and Deadwood.
A well used saying of mine when a comment is made about the great scenery is, “Wait till tomorrow, It just keeps getting better.”


Have to admit, it makes life easier on the road. It is very time consuming packing each morning in room then carrying all down to bike to load. With a van one carries the daily necessities on bike such as wet weather gear, something to change into if you arrive at hotel before van and sunscreen.

Van will carry (one supplied bag per person) and a huge Chilly Bin that the driver will fill each afternoon with lovely cold beers and a couple of wines for the ladies.

Not carrying heavy luggage on your bike keeps the gas cost down and makes riding more enjoyable, secure and safer.

Also van very good in the event that someone may rather ride in van than on back of bike in case of pains and sprains.

A couple should budget $NZ 120.00 a day for meals and gas. We have a chilly bin in the van and beers cost $2.00. That really assists the budget, no tipping the barman (me) at the motel pool.

Insurance for my motorbike while riding in USA and Canada?

Comprehensive, Third Party and under-insured motorist is included in Policy. There are conditions to Insurance  cover provided that apply.

Cover with Nil Excess for damage to hire bike availible at some locations and have option for up to US$300,000.00 for Liability Coverage. Also included is Roadside assistance and Tyre puncture repair including towing.

There are conditions to Insurance cover provided that apply.

You can ship a car or motorbike one way. Cost approx. for a bike NZ$1500.00. All items shipped can be insured.

Shipping from Wellington we supply fully contained crates on a rigid metal base. After un-crating your bike, the crates are stored and provision is made so you can leave personal effects not needed on tour.

Returning to New Zealand option available to ship your bike to either Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin.

All accommodation is prebooked and reserved. Over the years have realised better to pay little more and stay in the nicer parts of town, ensuring most Motels will have a pool, easy walk to local restaurants, bars and secure parking.

Our Accommodation will range from Historic Hotels, motels, log cabins, and Mom and Pop motels which are by far the most popular. At Sturgis Rally Week we stay in an Historic Hotel. Days of tenting and longdrops are a fading memory.

Our accommodation picked from the best over the past 14 years and we have stayed at some hotels for over 10 years. Of course this loyalty is reflected in the excellent service we receive.

I get an oil change and filter at Sturgis on the day before we leave Rally. The high summer temperature can quickly render your oil unsuitable.

For those going on the Best of the West tour riding their own bike most take the opportunity to replace tyres (if needed) at Sturgis.

The format of the trip is for all to enjoy the ride while riding in your comfort zone. We start out in the morning as a group but since you have the option of deciding your movements, we often break into smaller groups and play leapfrog, arriving at Motel approx. same time, to get the gear off and a cold beer or chilled wine by the pool.

You have option of leaving group if wanting to visit friends off our route and I will assist you making accommodation elsewhere until you rejoin group.

Best of the West motorbike tour: New Zealand and Australian riders are able to ship bikes to Los Angeles or hire at San Francisco or Missoula  Montana and Sturgis.
Either choice of hiring or taking your own bike has its pros and cons and these can be discussed.